Andrew Zwicker and Maureen Vella Call on Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli and Assemblywoman Donna Simon to Support Gun Safety Bill

Princeton, NJ -- Today, NJ General Assembly Democratic candidates for the 16th Legislative District, Andrew Zwicker and Maureen Vella, joined Senate President Steve Sweeney, state, county and local officials, advocacy groups and other supporters in a continued effort to enact S-2360,  a public safety bill that would give law enforcement a voice and the courts more information when people seek to have their mental health records expunged in order to purchase a firearm.

The bill, sponsored by Senator Fred Madden, the former Acting Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, and Republican Senator James Holzapfel, was co-sponsored by Senator Linda Greenstein and Republican senators Chris Bateman and Jennifer Beck. Republican Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick is one of the prime Assembly sponsors.

Senator Beck maintained her support of the override when it was first attempted on September 24 but, despite being another cosponsor, Senator Bateman failed to vote. Democratic candidates Andrew Zwicker and Maureen Vella voiced their support for the override effort, calling on Senator Bateman to stand by a bill that had carried his name on it since it was introduced a year ago.

Maureen Vella said, “I urge Senator Bateman to please vote to override this veto. But I am sure he won’t listen to me. That is why I am here to urge the Republican Assembly members from this district to call on Senator Bateman to override the Governor’s veto on this bill and then pledge themselves, today, to vote to override. Just a few days ago, they refused to do so when this bill was brought up in a debate.”

Andrew Zwicker remarked, “Even if Senator Bateman does the right thing, and supports a bill he sponsored, I can tell you that the work is only one third of the way done.  Because his colleagues in the 16th Legislative District., Assm. Ciattarelli and Simon, also voted to support this bill yet they have never once voted to override a veto and recently refused to commit to vote for this override,” said Zwicker.  “We need to stop making decisions based on political calculations and start making these decisions based on evidence. And the evidence clearly shows that tough sensible gun laws work in reducing killings. We call on Ciattarelli and Simon to urge Senator Bateman to support this bill and to publicly pledge to support the veto override vote when it makes it to the floor of the General Assembly.

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